Stenton Retail Property Services

We provide retail tenants with leasing services throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Our Services

What we do

Site Selection

Do you want to open a new store but are unable to find the perfect site?
We are able to locate site(s) that best suit your needs across Australia and New Zealand

Market Research

How do you know you have found the perfect site?
By providing you with demographic and rental insights into the location, we can ensure your decisions are backed by relevant data.

Lease Negotiation

How do you know what rental terms you should agree on?
We negotiate on your behalf using our knowledge and experience to ensure you have the best commercial terms for any agreement.

Lease Renewals

Want to renew, expand or move?
Since signing your last lease agreement, the market has likely moved. We gather the latest information and re-negotiate rents to ensure you don’t overpay current rental levels.

Growth Strategy

Do you have big plans?
We can help develop your growth strategy by providing you with advice based on our experience and research.

Lease Management

Drowning in Paperwork?
Administration is often overlooked but we can help to ensure you don’t over pay rent, miss a lease expiry date or any other property related service you may require. This gives you a chance to run your store(s) and concentrate on giving your customers what they want.

Anchored in Retail

With Rob and Sue both coming from the world of retail fashion, we’re in a unique position to having experienced many of the pressures that retailers often find themselves under which provides valuable insights when working with our brands.

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